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A Business Valuation report is a necessity when your thoughts turn to the selling of your business.  Be wary of any business broker who prepares his own in-house valuation report.  A buyer may place little credibility in his opinion because he has a vested interest in obtaining a higher price than may be justified because it will increase his commission.  A buyer will place no credibility in a value arrived at by the business owner's accountant for the same reason.

We use the services of the largest, independent third-party valuation service in America to perform these reports for our clients who are trying to secure full market value for their business.  They perform thousands of business valuations each year and have the largest database of closed transactions in the nation.  They know what price other businesses, like yours, are really producing.  Their reports are reader friendly and can be shown to prospective buyers.  They totally justify that the price recommended is the most obtainable for the business owner and the report proves the asking price is realistic to a prospective buyer.

Business brokers have consistently produced higher prices and smoother sales when one of these reports is presented as part of the business offering package than similar business produced that did not have the benefit of a comprehensive valuation report.

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